1 Month update

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1 Month update

Hi all! Sorry I've been MIA. I have been lurking at times but, it has been a bit rough for me. I had my tubes tied with my c-section and I was having a bit of a difficult time dealing with that decision. It was the right decision for sure but, I was really sad about the permanence of the decision. I'm for sure happy that I did have it done because I get pregnant way too easy but, it was just such a final thing and my hormones were all crazy that it made me really sad. Plus 6 days postpartum I developed bell's palsy as a side effect of the trauma/stress of being postpartum/c-section. I didn't know that it was possible to get bell's palsy postpartum But, apparently my OB says it's not uncommon. So, I was embarrassed by the look of my right side of my face being paralyzed. But extremely greatful that it wasn't a stroke. My bell's palsy is just about all better and I feel incredibly blessed to have 3 amazing, beautiful, and healthy children!!! So, I now feel at peace with life again. Plus I think it helps that my hormones are balancing out now! lol

As for Giavanna, she is such a good baby! She nursed like a champ from day 1 and was gaining weight from the minute we left the hospital. She only wakes 1 time per night which is amazing! My other kids love her to death and I really didn't have much to adjust to adding the 3rd to the mix. It really isn't much different than having 2 kids. I guess once you know how to multi task, it's like no big deal adding more to the pot. Ha Wink So we have been getting out and doing shopping and having play dates and doing really well. We actually took the kids to the carnival a couple days ago. It's nice to be able to move around freely again!

She was 7 lbs 3 oz and 19.5 in at birth and at her 1 mo appt she is 8 lbs 11 oz and 20.5 in. So she is doing everything she's supposed to. Smile Here are a few pics for you all since I never posted a new born pic.

Sorry this is long winded and the pics are huge! Smile


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So glad to hear from you, and glad you are starting to feel better all around!

Man, your kids are so darling! Wonderful pictures!

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Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear things have been emotionally hard. I've been there so I know how it can be. Sorry to hear about the Bells Palsy. I've had a couple friends get that and it's SO weird!

Your kids are so cute! Gorgeous family!

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glad to to hear everything is going well shes growing beautifully..shes absolutely beautiful

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Your kids are beautiful! I'm glad you have adjusted to having 3. I'm still having trouble adjusting! I totally understand being upset about the tubal. I'm in that same boat now. I have been wondering if it was the right decision for me and hoping that I end up being the 2% it fails with. It is just hard for me to wrap my head around it for some reason.

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So cute! Three has been a breeze for me too! DH would like for me to get my tubes tied too, but right now, I just can't do it. Even though we are done at three, getting a tubal is just so final. I can imagine that actually getting it done would be kinda sad.

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DH and I 100% agreed it was the right decision because financially it was the right thing for us to do. We also don't have anymore room in out house for more kids. Plus we want to be able to watch them all grow up together around the same ages and we want to be young parents. I didnt want to be on bc anymore nor did i want an IUD because of the possible side effects. And the reasons continue to go on and on. But these silly hormones have made it more difficult than I thought it was going to be. I'm so glad that you girls understand how I feel because part of me has been feeling selfish and silly for feeling this way. I don't want to have anymore kids but I hate the fact knowing that I can't.

Heather- yes the Bell's palsy was so weird. It came on so fast. I hated every second of it. All I wanted was to be able to take some pictures with my brand new baby and I looked horrible. It was quite upsetting. But I'm incredibly thankful that it is mostly gone now and lasted a lot shorter than many people.

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What a beautiful family and baby. I'm so glad u are ok and it wasn't a stroke. I'm sorry un are having such a hard time with your decision. I know I couldn't handle doing it. I hope dh does the v instead, much easier on me Blum 3

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Your kids are all so adorable! I'm so glad to hear she's a good baby too, especially after you've had such a rough go at things postpartum. My aunt got bell's a few years ago and it was really freaky. Glad to hear it is clearing up though. And I totally agree about baby #3 not being such a tough addition (although I may have a different opinion when he gets mobile! Lol)

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I say the same thing Ashley! I think when they get more mobile we may all be in for a run for our money! Ha!

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What a cutie! Glad you're doing better Smile