12 week Ultrasound!

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12 week Ultrasound!

So after a 3 hour wait and having to pee sooooo bad. Here it finally is! Baby was wiggling around every where. Heart beat was great and the nuchal measurements were fine. Tomorrow I see my OB. I'm sure he'll be pleased. Smile

Also added bonus pic from this weekend's wedding. And yes everyone noticed!!! There was no hiding no matter what dress I put on. As a matter of fact the bride called me out the second she saw me from all the way down the hall! lol

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Ummmm yeah, there is no hiding that bump!!! Smile You look fantastic! Great news about baby too. Smile Seriously, you had to wait 3 hours?!?!?!

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Yea. I went to an imaging place that I had never been to before. I usually get it done at my OB but, he only has a tech on Tuesdays and my husband found out he has to work last minute tomorrow for hurricaine sandy relief. So we had to go to this place. They apparently were running "a little" behind. Let me just say waiting in an office with 2 toddlers for 3 hours was God awful! We will NEVER EVER go back there again!!!!!

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Yeah, that was my next question... were the kids with you? That sounds like pure torture!!!!

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What a cute bump!!

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Awww great pic and love the bump. sorry you had to wait

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Ok, I LOVE that bump of yours. Ya, ZERO hiding that. And the u/s pic is SUPER sweet!!! I'm glad to hear baby was jumping all around.

As for waiting 3 hours with 2 toddlers...I'd have lost it with my ONE toddler. You must be super mom!!!

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yeah no hiding that bump my dear... love the ultrasound pic

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Awww, sweet baby and bump! I would have gone bonkers too, lol.

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So cute!

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They say black is slimming but I see your bump...it's lovely. Smile Congrats on seeing your little one with perfect measurements today.

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Great pics! Glad everything looked perfect. Such a cute bump you have Smile

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Thanks girls! I'm feeling very positive now with this pregnancy! I was nervous because DH cousin is preggo with ababy with some sort of genetic defect right now. Not sure what yet. But she had bad ultrasounds and bloodwork from the beginning. So now I'm feeling way less nervous!