12 weeks!!! Woooo hooooo!!!!

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12 weeks!!! Woooo hooooo!!!!

I'm 12 weeks today! YAY! Go me!!!! I took a belly pic but I haven't uploaded it yet...I'll do it after DD goes to daycare.

I'm so happy to be 12 weeks. I weighed myself and I'm only up 3 lbs! I'm still under my pre-preg weight with DD! Surprising since I've been eating pretty poorly. I guess baby DOES need calories.

My CVS is tomorrow. I'm glad it'll be over soon but not super looking forward to it. Wish me luck!

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Happy 12 weeks Smile GL tomorrow!!

I am loving the faster metabolism while pregnant lol

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Happy Twelve weeks!

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:woohoo: I hope the CVS goes well tomorrow!!

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Happy 12 weeks and good luck tomorrow!!!!

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Happy 12 weeks and good luck!!

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Can't believe we are starting to hit the second tri!! I'm 12 weeks on Thursday. It's crazy!!! Good luck on your CVS tomorrow! Hopefully it's more pleasant than the one with your daughter!!

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Woohoo 12 weeks! I'm surprised at my weight gain too since I've been eating way more/worse than normal.

Best of luck at your CVS tomorrow!! I'll be thinking about you! :vibes:

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Yay for 12 weeks! Good luck tomorrow...I hope it goes smoothly and at least it will soon be behind you.

My weight gain is exactly what you would expect for what I've been eating ... it's ridiculous. :o

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Yip! Yip! Yip!

That seemed an appropriate response to an "I've reached 12 weeks!" post! Smile

Good luck tomorrow!

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Yay! Congrats Heather! Good luck at your appt tomorrow!

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Thanks ladies! I celebrated by going to the maternity shop and buying myself some pants. My other pants are all a size large...these ones are medium! They fit so well right now. Even if I get bigger in a few months, at least I have the pants from my pregnancy with DD to fall back on! Oh, the best part is these pants were regular $60 on for $30! YAY deals!

I'm hoping the CVS is easier. Last time they tried using a regular speculum...poked and prodded then discovered they needed a longer one. This time I'm just going to mention that they needed a long one last time. Maybe save myself some discomfort? Also, they used a cervical clamp last time...so I might pre-mention that too. The less 'experimenting' they have to do, the better.

My last CVS was at 10.5 weeks and this time I'll be 12w1d. I'm hoping the placenta is bigger this time and it will be easier for them to get a good sample. Last time they had to do it THREE times...and that sucked. Also, the risk of m/c goes up a lot on that third attempt so I had to give special permission for them to try more than 2 times.

Now I just have to get through leaving my daughter tomorrow night. I have mommy guilt like you wouldn't believe. Sigh.

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I was just uploading my belly pics off the camera...I took a couple with a timer before DH came to help...I found this pic! OMG, so cute!

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Good luck tomorrow!

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LOVE the pic Lol She's adorable. And you look great!

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Hope the CVS goes quickly and smoothly tomorrow! I was just thinking I can't believe the first trimester is coming to an end already.

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Good luck tomorrow! THat picture is ADORABLE!

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Omg heather! That pic is sooo cute!!