2 week appt/misc updates

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2 week appt/misc updates

Noah had his 2 week appt. He is up to 8lbs 7 oz, and 22 inches long. I personally dont think the length is too accurate... he was wiggling around as they were trying to stretch out his frog legs! so he gained 1lb and 1 oz since his appt at 4 days old. Dr said everything was great!

Sorry I havent been posting much. My brother got married this weekend and it was a bunch of CRAZINESS around here. due to the possible postponement of the wedding the week before to postponing only the reception...leading to a "gathering" (basically ended up being a reception) at my parents afterwards, plus I had to try to find a dress to wear and our hosue is a wreck! Then I found out that one of my best friends since middle school was diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer. she has a 4 yr old and a 5 mo old (our kids are only a couple months apart from each other for both our first and second kids!) and another best friend of mine just announced she's expecting. At some point we have to figure out DS's birthday presents bc his birthday is in just under 2 weeks..... its just been a zoo here!

As for me. Finally starting to feel better and more able ot do things (without being wiped afterwards) Now if the darn bleeding would stop or at least slow up! it has been ridiculously hot here and I HATE wearing pads esp in the summer (By the end of my pd I usually have a rash from wearing them... almost like an allergic reaction.. its very similar to what I get when I put a bandaid on..) and that's only a week. Im MISERABLE after 2 weeks straight! hoping it slacks off soon! I am thinkign I might have to call the dr office soon. I am still having trouble with joint pain and slight swelling. Im not noticably swollen (that I can tell) and to feel my hands they dont seem swollen but the ring I had on while preg bc my wedding band didnt fit has cut into my finger. and my wedding band won't even come close to going over my knuckle. Sad I hate not wearing my rings but I cant get them on! anyone else having this problem?

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No problem with swelling or joints, but my PP bleeding always last 6+ weeks Sad it's a pain.

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I bled for 5 weeks too, and got a rash by week two also it was miserable. Hope it's better soon.

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My bleeding is finally almost done (at exactly 5 weeks). The shortest has been about 5 weeks for me, and my longest was 11 weeks!! As for the swelling. I did have some pp swelling, but it was gone by 2 weeks pp. I would mention it to your doctor for sure. Sounds like little Noah is doing great. That's an excellent weight gain for sure. Smile

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My bleeding hasn't been bad this time...it tapers off then speeds up. With DD I had way more. Sorry to hear the pads are causing you so much pain. Sad

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Great growing Noah! Sorry to hear about your friend's cancer diagnosis, wishing her the best! Scary stuff. Glad to hear you made it through the wedding, they are so friggin' stressful!!

AFA your swelling, I'm only just getting back to normal at almost 5 weeks PP. I wasn't swollen hardly at all prior to my induction so I guess all the fluids they pumped into me wanted to stick around. My rings were pretty well stuck most of the time and you couldn't see the bones in my feet very well when generally they're pretty prominent. Just keep an eye on it that its gradually getting better not worse. I hate pads too and generally never use them. I have to change it several times a day to prevent getting irritated, not to mention they're just annoying. Anyway, my bleeding has finally tapered off to pretty much nothing since late last week (4 weeks PP) which is the fastest yet.

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im so there with not wearing my rings I tried it on yesterday and I still can't wear them even though im 2 pds under my pre-pregnancy weight..some days I think im done with the bleeding and then boom its back

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I never had to take my rings off with either pregnancy...I was just lucky I guess.