20 week Ultrasound

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20 week Ultrasound

So all went well. Baby appears to be healthy. All measurements are normal and so is my blood work. Baby is weighing 11 oz right now. It's still a surprise so here is the pic!

The baby's legs are way over his/her head. It think it's sooo cute!

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What a cutie!!! Congrats on a GREAT appointment! Biggrin

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Awe, great pic!!! I'm jealous of that for sure! Smile So glad to hear that he/she looks healthy!!! Smile :-)

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Aweee, that IS a great pic! Yay for staying team green with me! Biggrin

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Glad that all looks well!

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Yay for a healthy baby! Smile

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Hooray for a healthy baby!!!! Great pic!

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Such a cute pic! Way to stick to Team Green Biggrin Glad baby is looking great!

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yay for a great appt. Im jealous of being team green, someday i will get to experience that! Biggrin

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That is a great pic! Yay for a healthly LO! Smile

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yahoo for a healthy baby, so happy everything looks good

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Adorable! Congrats on a healthy baby and mama!

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Congrats on an awesome appt!! What a cute little flexible baby!!

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Thanks ladies!!