24 Week Appt

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24 Week Appt

I had a pretty fast, boring appointment today. :thumbsup:

Up about 6 pounds from 4 weeks ago and my uterus is measuring 2-3 weeks ahead :eek: He says he isn't worried about it unless it doesn't even out in the next couple appointments, but I thought it was pretty funny considering how "small" everyone says I am. Next appt is the GD test with my nasty fruit punch drink (UGH! Why can't his office do orange?!).

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Oh, the orange is way better I agree. Wink

So happy for a great appointment!

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Yay for a good appt! That orange drink is GROSS! I can't believe there is something worse. Blum 3

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What, really? Crazy! But you know.. I was measuring 27 at my 26 week appt. I too don't have a huge belly yet (people tell me that all the time). Glad everything was fine!

I do my glucose test next week.. ugh.

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yay for a good appointment! I have only had the orange obviously but didn't think it was that bad...

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Good luck! I had the fruit punch both times (had to do the 3 hr as well) and would prefer it that way. Orange anything to me is gross

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With DD I was measuring 27 weeks at 21... I evened out. Your baby just likes to have room to move in there! What a nice mama you are to comply! Never did the glucose test - so don't know how gross it is.

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I would pass on the GD test but was borderline with my first and a lot of women in my family have had it so I figure I probably ought to. Fruit punch wouldn't be gross if I liked the flavor of fruit punch normally, but I HATE it.

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I love fruit punch but don't really drink it. I think I would be one of those weird people who liked the taste!

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I don't remember which on I had. I'm guessing orange since it tasted like hi c. But I didn't think it was that bad. I'm debating on passing on the GD this time. I passed with flying colors both times. Eh. We will see! Glad you had a good/boring appt!

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"dinzy" wrote:

I love fruit punch but don't really drink it. I think I would be one of those weird people who liked the taste!

My doc says most patients don't complain about this flavor which is why they use it. I'm apparently the weird one!

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i liked the orange and now my office does lemon-lime which i hate anything with lemon-lime im praying we have a choice between orange or lemon-lime

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SOunds overall like a good appointment. I really dislike the drink stuff for the GD testing. I opted out last time because I was never close to failing with my prior pregnancies. I will be opting out again!! As for measuring big... I don't think that's a big deal. I always measure small at the end of my pregnancies, but "usually" have average/big babies. I was measuring 31 weeks when my first dd was born weighing 7 pounds, 10 ounces at 39 weeks.

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I usually measure WAY ahead right at the very end (at 40 weeks I measure 45 weeks LOL). My OB has not started measuring fundal height yet. I don't think it's considered "really" accurate until after 26 weeks, and even then, usually it can be 3-4 cm either way before they get worried about baby being too big or too small.