26 week check-up

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26 week check-up

I'm a bit late posting but had my 26 week check-up Monday.

Backstory is I have to travel 300 miles, one way, at the beginning of April for my sister's wedding. (sidenote: I'm a bridesmaid...I will look like a whale in that dress! Yikes! :LOL: ) I'll be 29 wks at that point and with my history of going into labor at 33 wks with DS1 while visiting the same area, Doc planned to do a cervical length check and FFN swab at 26 wks and have me come back and check again for changes at 28 wks depending on the results.

Anyway, so they did the swab 1st b/c the cervix check has to be internal u/s and can disturb stuff making the FFN results not reliable. Then did the u/s and my cervical length was over 5 cm...I can't recall exactly 5 or 5.5...either way very good. They want to see over 2 and start to get concerned below that. I'm pretty sure we checked during my pregnancy with DS2 at 24 wks and it was like 2 or 2.5 so over 5 was great. He decided to not even send off the FFN for results and we are going to decide if we should repeat the u/s at 28 wks depending on how I feel over the next 2 weeks. I also have to do the gestational diabetes test at 28 wks.

They did a quick abdominal u/s while I was in there to check h/b so I asked them to check if she was still, in fact, a she. Here's a pic:

Yep, definitely a little girl! Biggrin

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Great news on the cervical length! Also glad she is still a she. Smile

I am also taking a trip in April. Mine will be a bit farther though. I've never had preterm labor though, so I'm not concerned. Oh, and I was a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding when I was pregnant with my 2nd. Yeah, I felt a little bit like a whale... "sigh"

Anyway, it sounds like things are going very well!!

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LMAO! I love where they put the pointy finger on the U/S pic! Totally made me giggle!

I'm so done with traveling. Our trip wasn't bad, but I just want to stay home now. Blum 3 I hope you have a great time though. Are you going by car?

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I know! Hope my baby girl doesn't feel violated...probably shouldn't show her that one when she's older Wink

Yes, we are driving. It's roughly 5 hrs drive time but usually turns into about 6.5 with the kiddos.

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Wow over 5! How awesome. I was 4.8 at 21 weeks. I'm so glad it all looks good.

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My safe for travel visit is tomorrow. I've never had preterm labor and I'm traveling from 26 to 28 weeks so I'm not worried but I still like to hear the all clear. I'm driving 900 miles each way. Eeek!

i was in my sisters wedding at 33 weeks with Lucas. I hate all the pictures. Not because I look huge (I do!) but because I look so miserable! I wish I could've faked a better smile that day!

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Glad to hear things look great and that SHE was willing to verify her "goods" Wink

I'm traveling also in April, I'll be 31/32 weeks. My doc is just having me come in the week before I leave but said with my history to go relax and enjoy myself. I'm glad I"m not in a wedding though!

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I'm so glad there are no signs that she will want to come early!

Looks like everyone is traveling before the end! I will be going away (about 4 hours away) for a weekend with my choir in a month. Guess maybe I should mention that to my Dr.....LOL. I'll be 35 weeks.

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We drove a bunch on our recent trip and it wasn't a problem. That said, DH did all the driving and I just sat. Blum 3

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Chelle, 900 miles one way...yikes! I am way done and at my limit at about 8 hours. I won't do a road trip longer than that if I can avoid it. Hope you have a good trip and all of us who are going to be traveling. Smile

Kia, have you had any measurements since 21 wks? If so, was there big change? I hope you haven't posted this info in your updates...I don't remember seeing it but I miss alot these days it seems. I just claim a bad case of pregnancy brain Wink

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Glad everything looks good! We're going about 9 hours away at 37 weeks Smile

Also, I was in my SIL's wedding when I was 14 weeks with DD - I wasn't showing or anything - but I look AWFUL! I got my hair and makeup all done really nice, but by the time pictures came around, I was green and pukey looking and just looked terrible.