28 week appt

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28 week appt

So, totally missed my appt this morning. Completely forgot. They squeezed me in after lunch, right during DS2's naptime, but I at least got him to sleep in his carseat for an hour while we were driving and waiting.

I am freaking out slightly - I am on 2 week appointments now. I go back at 30 weeks. How did this go by so fast?????
Gained 5 lbs in the last month - up to 148 lbs now. So I've gained about 20 total so far. Baby was measuring good, heartbeat was easy to find. I go in Saturday to the lab to do my glucose test.

Anyone else freaking out about how fast time is going by???

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I'm glad it was good and ds2 took a snooze.

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Good thing they were prepared for you skipping out on your original appt Wink

Glad to hear things look well. I'm freaking out too.

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i was just thinking that yesterday when she told me i'd have 1 more 4 week appt and it would start 2 weeks after that. Im like really? already how the hell did this go by so fast.

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I had the same thoughts this morning at my appointment. My next one is my last monthly appointment!

Congrats on a great, uneventful appointment and I'm glad he napped in the car for you. Some nap is better than no nap. Smile

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I pushed my next appt to five weeks but after that I have one in three weeks. I assume it'll be two after that unless I can talk them into one more four week stretch (the office is just soooo far away, I hate driving for five minute appt!). I feel like I still have so far to go and yet so much is behind me now.

Glad your appointment went smoothly!

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Glad they were able to work you in. I totally forgot about my last appointment and when I remembered it was 2 minutes before the scheduled time. I was 20 minutes away! Oops!
I'm trying to stay in denial about how quickly it'll be our time. I'm a little behind being nearer to the end of the month but I was also due at the end of the month with DS2 and he was born on the 3rd of that month. So, yeah...it's going fast!
Hope everything goes smoothly today with you GD test and you get good results. Smile