28 week appt/glucose test

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28 week appt/glucose test

Forgot to update yesterday. Went ok. Up a pound and it was only 2.5 weeks since my last appt. this is excellent for me!

Test was miserable. Barely got that gunk down. Glad it's over! No news is good news so I guess I passed.

Blood pressure good. Everything else good. Still taking both Phenergan and Zofran but still puking at least once a day. Ugh.

HB was very low in my pelvis so I assume kiddo is head down and ready to roll.

Next appt in three weeks because my doc is on vacation. Fine with me, it's a long drive for a quick weight and BP check. Smile it's on 5/3. My next appt after that should be my second u/s. they do one towards the end around 35-36 weeks.

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Glad all is well Smile

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That's wonderful Smile

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YAY for a great appt! Head down would be perfect!

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sounds like a good appointment. glad to hear it went well

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glad to hear it went well