31 Week Appointment

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31 Week Appointment

I was in and out in under 15 minutes. Haven't gained weight since my last visit 3 weeks ago but I weighed in a little heavier than I should have last time because I ate a huge meal the night before so really I'm probably up 1.5 lbs. BP was 120/80, I measured right at 31 weeks and baby's heartbeat was 145. I go back in two weeks...crazy!

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No weight gain? Wow! Nice work!

We're down to every 2 weeks too. Eeps.

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I can't believe we are 31 weeks. This is nuts. Yay for no weight gain! I didn't gain any between 28-30 weeks either.

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That's great!!

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That's great!!

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Great news!! I can't believe how fast these pregnancies are going!!

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Sounds like all is well! Smile

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Glad you had a good appointment. I'd like just one with no weight gain but not finding it likely Wink

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yay for no weight gain...i go in on Tuesday I'll be 28 weeks than I start every 2 weeks as well