32 Weeks!

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32 Weeks!

WOAH, I'm 32 weeks today! Where has the time gone? I was looking up info on our local NICU last night and I found out that they can take babies later than 32 weeks! That's today! I doubt anything will happen soon but it's so good to know that if it did, baby could stay in town!

I've been weighing myself every 4 weeks so I don't get all obsessed. Today was the 5th time that I gained 6 lbs in the previous 4 week period! It's so weird how consistent it is without even trying. I've put on more than 'ideal' but it seems like that's what my body wants to do!!! It's sort of neat!

My graph on the wii fit totally says it all. I lost a bunch of weight right before my BFP (as you can see).

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Yay and that's awesome!!

I love my wii fit! (so does DS, for some reason he calls it puppies - I think he thinks the little animated board is like a puppy)

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Time is flying!

That Wii Fit graph is funny - your body is totally consistent!

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what a beautiful graph. love it!

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Congrats on 32 weeks and being able to stay in the local NICU!! As someone who had an early baby following a completely uncomplicated pregnancy I can testify that things can change overnight with no detected warning. It's great to reach a milestone like that! I am very excited to finally be past the 30 week mark myself. Biggrin

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The hospital I plan to be at doesn't have a NICU, so they'll only let me birth there if I'm past 37 weeks. Not a huge deal because there are about 4 more hospitals within 20 minutes of here. Of course, I'll likely be 41.5 weeks when this one comes...... Wink