34 week appt

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34 week appt

My appt today was good. First one DH didn't come to! His good friend is in town from Japan and this afternoon was one of his few available times to hang out. I didn't mind...his friend is only here once every 3-4 years and our appts are boring right now.

All was well at the appt. I put on 3 lbs in 2 weeks. The midwife didn't make any comments about that so phew! She confirmed what I thought, baby is still head down. YAY! She gave me the pamphlet about the Strep B swab and we'll do that next appt. I asked about prenatal classes and they have one being put on there May 12th. It's only $30 for 3 hours (per couple) so I think I'll take it if there's room. I emailed the presenter about it. I also asked about doulas. She said there is a woman looking for experience so she's cheap/free. I emailed her too. We'll see how I feel about her and what her rates are.

My midwife has this way of making you feel stupid for asking questions. Perhaps laughing at your question is supposed to keep things 'light' but it feel sort of condescending. Anyways.... LOL

I'm not going back for 2 weeks...then we go to once a week. Biggrin

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Sounds like a nice boring appointment.

I am not a fan of people laughing at a question I find serious either.

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Sounds good all around Smile
I hope you can get a good deal on the doula and you connect well with her!

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Yay that baby is still head down! Yahoo GL getting in the class and finding a doula. Sorry your midwife is condescending. My OB is very easy going and it can come off as he doesn't care initially but having used him for all of mine kids, I know better now. Anyway, getting close!!

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Sounds like a good appointment. I hope you like the dula

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LOL, my husband hated my old OB in our old city. The very first time she met him started going on about how he needed to take more time off work and start helping me out more when the baby came LOL. Her name was Dr. Bhargava and DH called her "Bar-Jabba the Hut" ROFL

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Glad to hear that your appointment went well!

My DH doesn't like my doctor either. He doesn't even like my kids pediatrician, and he hasn't even met her! I think he just has a general dislike for doctors!