34 week appt

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34 week appt

my appt went well I gained 2 pds and my blood pressure was 112/64..apparently I tested positive for gbs in the beginning of my pregnancy so they aren't checking me in 2 weeks and will automatically treat me with antibiotics during delivery babies heart beat was in the 150

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sorry about the GBS positive, but weird that it was done so early..... Im glad she looks good!

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Yay for a boring appt!

That sucks about the GBS. Can you not get over that? I don't know much about it. I mean, just because you were positive MONTHS ago, does that mean you are now?

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I'm pretty sure I read something lately saying the reason this is tested at the end is b/c it can come and go. If you don't want to automatically have the antibiotics then maybe request they check you again.

Glad everything looked good Smile

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she said it can come and go and i might not have it for delivery but im a carrier of it so for precaution they will give me antibotics through IV during delivery. i dont want to take any chances so i guess i'll just do it.

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Glad the appointment was good overall.

Better to be safe IMO.

They gave me antibiotics via IV with DS, I thought it was rather painful actually. The fluid, no, but the antibiotics made me want to remove the IV myself.