34 week OB

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34 week OB

It was a great appointment today. I had all my questions answered and walked in again. I am back to measuring 37 weeks. I am up another 4 lbs back, baby's heartbeat was 130, and bp was 120/76 so much better. BThey are going to be keeping an eye on my bp weekly because its about now that they noticed an increase with dd, which ended up being pre e.

I am now allowed to add more activity slowly and she said I can do as I wish at 36 weeks, so 11 days! Ahhhhhhh yay. (O and we can DDT now too). I didn't have to do the swab today because I am being treated for the yi, so next week. O and why don't I remember doing this test with dd?

Here we go to 35+3, with a quick stop at 35+2 to see her and how she is doing.

Did I forget anything? We talked abt a bit more but I'm blanking

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Glad you had a good check-up. How awesome that you have made it to 34 weeks!! Yay for being a little less restricted too! Smile

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YAY for another great appt! You're doing so awesome. Just the other day hubby told me he was so surprised you've made it this far. He was scared for you all those months ago!

Keep up the good work and YAY for no more pelvic rest. Can I go on pelvic rest for you? Blum 3

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glad the appt went well.. ya for 11 more days counting down!!!

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Biggrin Yay for more activity and activity lol. I am glad your appt went well!

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Yahoo all around! What a great appt! Time is flying and you are doing so well at keeping her in there!

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That's wonderful!!!

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A glad to hear that things are going so well!

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That's great news!! Smile

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Glad you had a great appointment and yaaaaaay for some privileges!! Em is lucky to have a mom who is taking such good care of her. So glad she's been able to bake this long :vibes: