35 week appointment. Yikes!

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35 week appointment. Yikes!

Nurse was filling in today so it was someone I hadn't met. She was nice. She asked if I wanted my cervix checked since I had to strip anyway for the GBS. I said yes because I have been contracting on and off and wanted to know if anything was happening even though its early.

Up five pounds. What???? No gain from the start and now 5? I'm kinda puffy especially in my face so I guess that's what it is. BP was fine. Didn't say what it was but since they didnt mention it I'm sure it's fine.

Kids were with their aunt today so when dr came in he said "no kids today! You want me to turn out the lights and let you nap?" Smile

swab was quick and painless. Then he checked my cervix which was quick but not painless. Ouch! First thing he said was "well, there's a head right there!" So I guess he must be quite low?

I am already 2cm and, in my doctor's words "ripe like a good piece of fruit". Hahahaha. I have never ever been more than 1cm before active labor so this is new.

He said he's pretty much positive I won't go near my due date. He asked how fast my last labor was and I told him six hours. He asked how long I pushed and I said ten minutes. He said "I thought so. I think this one will be quick too ". No idea how he could look at my cervix and know I didn't have to push much but it made my giggle a little.

So I would really like to make it to next Friday. I'm very crampy right now but trying to stay in bed. I really don't want a nicu baby and I think 36 weeks gives me a better shot of avoiding that. I'll be happy to have this baby next weekend, though!!!

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Holy cow! I hope you can make it til next weekend - almost 37 weeks then, that would be better.

How lovely to be referred to as ripe fruit Wink

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Sounds like a great appt!! I hope you do have a quick easy labor like he said!

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I hope it means an easy labor for u!

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I want to be a ripe fruit! LOL

Sounds like a great appt. I hope baby stays put a bit longer!

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LOL about your docs insight from the cervix check! I hope he stays put for a bit longer Smile