35 week check-up

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35 week check-up

Baby girl got a good result on the NST. It showed me having contractions. I have felt crampy alot throughout this pregnancy so even though I could feel what it was registering it wasn't an out of the norm feeling for me. But have had a good bit of thick (like snot consistency) discharge over recent days and have felt like things may be changing. It's so subtlely different though so it's hard to tell. After the NST, saw the doc and he did the GBS swab and checked me. I'm 1.5 cm dilated...didn't mention effacement and I didn't ask. I'm really hoping she stays put for another 2 weeks. I have no idea what to expect at this point so still telling myself she'll give me all this trouble and be the one that sticks it out to my EDD. :rolleyes:

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Wow, 1.5 cm already! That's cool. Of course, you don't want her to come too early but still!

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I hope she stays in a while for u

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Glad she was looking good on the NST. Hoping she stays put a few more weeks Smile

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Glad she was looking good!

Doctor say anything about thinking you will have her soon? I had DS at 35 weeks and he was wonderfully healthy, but of course it is better if she can bake as long as possible Smile

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Sounds good!! I always dilate really early too (I'm sure I'm at least a 3 now), but still keep them in a few more weeks after that starts. I hope you can make it to 37 weeks. Smile

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No, he didn't say anything. I've seen many ladies on here, like Laurie experiences, that dilate early but stay pregnant. So I know it can mean nothing but with my history and how I've been feeling lately I wonder if things aren't progressing fairly quickly. I really have no idea what to expect though. Smile

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Wow, I hope she stays for two more weeks as well, that will make you full term. We have the same due date:)