36 week appointment

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36 week appointment

Everything was good. Weight was up 2 pounds to 24 overall, so not bad. Not sure if I will will hold off to 25 pounds by the end, but I can dream! Doctor asked if I wanted to be checked and I declined. He did do the group b swab, though. While swabbing he was sitting there talking about his son's prom tonight! I guess after the first few hundred you do, you don't evn have to really even look anymore:)! He informed me that in two weeks he will be out of town for the weekend, which puts me at 38 weeks, exactly when I had my other two. So that kinda stinks. I think next week I will have him check me, just to see where we are. If I am pretty well dilated, I may beg him to break my water before he goes away for the weekend!

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LOL, talking about prom while doing the group b swab! I love that!

I wonder if my midwife will want to do that today. I hope not. I'm not ready. Maybe next week? LOL.

YAY for a good appt though! I hope my weight isn't up too high. LOL

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Glad it was a good appointment!would he really break your water?

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They let me swab myself at the birth center! Smile Oh, I would just have him strip your membranes if you are already starting to dilate. SOOOOOO much better than breaking your water, as far as a gentler start to labor (and it works if your body is ready). It has worked with 4 out of 5 of mine (the other one they broke my water - I WISH they had simply stripped my membranes!!).

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I agree--stripping is a better option. I'm freaked by having it broken unless labor is already really going along. My mom had hers broken to start labor with my brother and it caused a lot of issues. They both almost died. It wasn't just that but it was part of it.

Heather, my GBS is scheduled for my 35 week appt so I'm guessing it'll be this week or next for you. :/

gkad your appt went well! I hope baby doesn't come while your doc is gone!

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Bummer that he's going to be out at your "milestone" week. LOL to him talking about prom - my friend (who is also pregnant) and I were talking about this last night actually how after a while they probably don't even think of it as a vagina anymore, it's just something they do for their job like filing Wink Glad to hear things are looking great!

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LOL about the small talk. My OB was like "Now just a little tickle - one.....and.....two." (Vag and anus, LOL)

Completely unrelated but I had my kids at the pedi for checkups yesterday and while briefly checking my 4 year old sons testicles to make sure all was well, he said "Just gotta make sure Bill and Bob are still there." ROFL

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He would if I am dilated much, he did with DD for the same reason. Doctors always go out of town at the most inconvenient times! Having your water broken is not the most pleasant experience in the world! My water breaking seems to be what really brings my labor on. I am hoping to go into labor on my own sometime that week before he goes out of town, we shall see! Although it is nice to be prepared and not have surprise of your breaking at an unexpected time or place, at least for me it is! I almost thought that I was starting to go into labor tonight, but thankfully it stopped, I am not quite ready yet!