36 week appt

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36 week appt

My appt was pretty boring. Did my GBS swab myself which was nice. Ok, the swab wasn't super nice but doing it myself was. I hope I'm negative as I don't want additional restrictions put on my VBAC should my water break. Sad

She didn't tell me what I was measuring but my BP was fine and baby's HB was around 140. We confirmed that the head is DEFINITELY down! YAY! Bum is up under my right breast where DD's little breech head was.

Appts are every 1 week now! Eeeek! We booked the next 4 which will take me past my due date.

Oh, I had a little scare because I thought my urine test strip said I had protein in my urine but it turns out I'm crazy and see more green than is there. Oops! All was fine.

The midwife's scales say I breached 200 lbs. Sad So sad. It only said 200.5 but STILL! I was really hoping to stay under 200 this time. It's just a number. It's just a number.....

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Awww Wink Don't fret about the weight! Most of it is baby and fluid, I'm sure! I still have probably 3 weeks and have already gained 30.

SO exciting to have them all booked, isn't it!?

My protein was a bit high this past appt. But I have excellent blood pressure (105/67) so I'm not too worried. I actually think it was +3 this week, but the Dr. never said anything bad about it.

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Don't worry about the scale, you'll below that mark right after the birth even if you gain more the next few weeks Smile

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Glad it was a good appointment, Don't worry abt the weight, (btw I start above that ahhhhhhhhh)

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Sounds like things are going very well! The weight gain is a bummer, but in the end, what's a couple extra pounds during a pregnancy (which you can TOTALLY lose later on) if you get an amazing little person out of it?! Smile I'm trying to keep my gain to only 40 lbs this pregnancy - I'm at 39 pounds right now, so I MIGHT make it, but seriously, if I gain an extra pound or two beyond that, it's really not that big of a deal.

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I totally understand the mental angle of hitting the # you wanted to avoid, but we're soooooo close (!!) so I'm sure you won't do too much "damage" at this point and like you said, it's just a number and in a few weeks, you never have to see it again!

Glad to hear baby is def head down and things look good! :thumbsup:

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Yahoo for a head down baby! Yahoo Bummer on hitting the weight mark you were hoping to avoid. But as PP said you'll be back down right after birth. Smile