37 week appt

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37 week appt

Nurse was flipping out about me being dehydrated because my pee was very dark and had protein in it. But at home I pee gallons and it's clear so I'm not as worried as she was. Doctor didnt mention it either. She said it was very promising that I have stopped having any mucous when I wipe. She said the contractions were from dehydration but I thought dehydration contractions are worse with activity? Mine are worse in bed.

BP is fine, although she took it three times and even switched arms. Measuring exactly 37. Weight is steady from last week.

Still at 3cm. All those ungodly painful contractions and NO progress. I want to cry. Not so much because I'm in a rush for baby because to be honest, I'm not. But all that pain and nothing to show for it? WTH?????? I have to take the kids next week so I will probably decline being checked from here on out.

Doctor asked what he could do to help. I said I'm just completely exhausted from the nightly contraction game. He prescribed a sleeping pill. I'm excited for a good sleep tonight. I told me concerns about being too exhausted to keep my head in the game and have the unmediated birth I really want. He was so encouraging. So thankful for a doctor who's in my corner!

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Sorry to hear no progress but how awesome that your Dr is so helpful and supportive!

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I hope the sleeping pills give you some relief! Maybe they would think about letting you get an I.V. for fluids then releasing you?

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Sounds like u r in good hands, and ya for sleep.

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wth im not dilated i feel like its so far away before this girl gets here

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YOu know, I seem to effortlessly go to about 3-4 cm, and then I don't progress past there until the REALLY painful contractions hit... you know that ones where unless you find a way to "get in the zone" you are crying for an epi!! But once those hit, I dilate the rest of the way in a couple hours. I think you mentioned something about going from 5 to fully dilated in about 10 minutes time??? So, apparently your body works in a similar way, but even more to an extreme! Anyway, sounds like overall the appointment was a good one. It sounds like your doctor is definitely trying to work with you and make this happen how you want it to.

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Sorry about the lack of progress but glad to hear your doc is working with you on trying to give you the experience you want. Yay for a good night's sleep ahead and maybe it'll be just what your body needs to kick it into gear!

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Hope you can get some good rest and be more comfortable before baby boy arrives. Smile