38 week appt, boring

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38 week appt, boring

Well baby is a happy camper in there. He has not changed since last week (still at a 3 and thick). So just a week to go and then he will be evicted! Bp is great and I didn't ask about my weight cause I didn't want to know Wink Now, what to do to keep my mind off of next Friday. I have a feeling next week is going to go sooooo sloooow.

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Well like I always tell myself after boring appts. At least the baby is doing fine. I totally understand though. Waiting is no fun!

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It is kind of funny that we get so impatient toward the end ( I know I was) when in reality a week is not that long at all. I know from 37-38 weeks was a long one for me...

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Haha, yeah time does start to crawl at this point. I'm still a bit in awe of even being at this point with my history so it's kinda been a bit novel to wonder how many more days can I hang in there. That is wearing off quickly though Wink

Hope the next week goes faster than you think! Smile

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I hope the week flys by and everything happens perfectly for u. I know I was waiting and waiting to know it was time and then when it was I did forget some things, (including my wallet!).