38 week boring check-up

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38 week boring check-up

Midwife appt was boring. Measuring 37 to 37.5, BP ok. She tried to get me to do the sweep but I said no, so no check either. Maybe next week. Baby's HB was around 136 as he/she was asleep. Midwife thinks baby is still in LOA position which is good. She said it felt a bit lower but not SUPER low.

She didn't have any answers for why my cervix was stinging/burning or why my pelvis hurts...so whatever. Blah.

Up 6 lbs in 1 week so she had to make some comment about that. Whatever. Thanks. Sad

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I hate when they comment on the things you don't want to hear about, then don't have answers about the things that are concerning you!

This past week was the first time my midwife asked me about my weight gain, she started guessing ranges - and instead of telling her how much I've gained - I said, ya somewhere around there! They don't weight me, so they can't really comment too much. 38 weeks is still early for a sweep, so I think that's great you declined. It's as if they don't realize that labor comes on spontaneously, it doesn't take 3 weeks of build up for it to start. So even though they have a "deadline" for your vbac, you still have tons of time since baby can just come any day it wants in the next 3 weeks.

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Right, like you needed a weight comment. Ugh.

Sorry you got no answers, but I guess since you declined the sweep there wasn't too much reason to check your cervix.

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Oh girl... I remember going to my 38 week with Lucas and hearing no news and going home in the most pissed off mood ever. I hope the next week flies by and next week you hear better news!

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I might do the sweep next week. We'll see. I might decline being weighed though. LOL

Ugh, I'm hiding in bed feeling poopy. Sad

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Sorry you had a frustrating appointment but glad she at least honored your wishes to not have a sweep/check. The only comment I would find appropriate for weight gain at this point is whether you feel like you've been swelling anywhere but otherwise, what good does it do?! Grr!

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I'm sorry heather. Good for u sticking to your guns about not being swept!

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Sorry she was hassling you about weight. Bummer on getting no answers on your questions either. But one more week down and getting close...hope baby decides to come sooner rather than later.

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I don't understand why they care at this point. You don't have any of the risk factors that would make gaining weight a concern. Argh, I feel your frustration on that one. (but PS you look great, so don't let it get to you)

Glad baby was doing well. I think its smart to hold off on the sweep for another week. It really is going to fly by!

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Sorry your appointment didn't go as great as y ou might have imagined... Sad At least baby seems to be doing very well. Yeah, I can't believe they really said anything about your weight. You have been totally "on track" for the entire pregnancy, so why make an issue of it (other then maybe swelling as Ashley said). And yes, you can't "build up to labor" by doing a sweep each week. The way that a sweep works, is only if the baby would have come on it's own in the next 4-5 days anyway. A sweep can jumpstart labor by a few days, that's all. I think you were wise to decline if you have any reservations about it at all.