39+6 appt

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39+6 appt

So, it went ok. I haven't gained anything this time (which makes the fourth appt in a row with no change, not that I needed to gain anymore). BP was 118/81, baby was measuring 39 weeks I guess she maybe hasn't dropped as low as I thought, or is just really long... They checked me and I am dilated to 3, 60-70% effaced. She said it was tilted toward the left, and that I should do left leg forward lunges (ha I am so going to fall). She did a sweep, but said she wasn't able to get a "good sweep" because of the leftward tilt. She did make me bleed though, so thats something, it's been making me anxious all evening because I never had bloody show with DS (was induced at 37 weeks from totally closed.) Scheduled the next appt and BPP for next Friday but praying I don't make it that far. Been pretty crampy and in the last couple hours been having some contractions, but Lord knows it will putter out again...

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The puttering out is a cruel, cruel joke, isn't it?

I hope the sweep does something for you. Sounds like it may have!

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Hopefully things pick up for you!!

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Glad to hear you have some action going on...that's got to be a good sign even if it's not "time", right? Hope you get lucky and have a due date baby today! :goodluck:

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I hope something happens soon! Fingers crossed