39 weeks appt....blah!

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39 weeks appt....blah!

Well, my appt was probably what would be considered boring...BP was fine, pee was fine, baby h/b was like 136 bpm or so, not sure what I measured.

The happy part was I didn't even have to lie about my weight! I was down 2 lbs from last week. Last week I was up 6 lbs which I thought was weird...I was a bit constipated so perhaps that was why I was so up. Anyways, being down 2 lbs was good and I didn't have to lie. Blum 3 Oh, and I didn't even get any rude comments so that's good.

Then the poopy part happened...

I said I'd have a sweep. She tried but couldn't even reach my cervix. It's still really high and posterior. Sad

Sounds like baby is staying in for the long run. I'm too cozy. FML. Sad

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Awww, shucks.

Heather, we are just awesome baby bakers. Be proud! We know how to grow 'em big and healthy! I know it was a crappy day, so I hope tomorrow is better Smile

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:bigarmhug: I am so sorry. I know you were really hoping for the sweep today. Hopefully baby changes it's mind and everything progresses quickly!

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I just want to cry for you. I was so hopeful you'd have better news today! Sad

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Boo for the sweep, time to start lunges maybe?

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Oh no, I'm sorry you couldn't get the sweep! Sad
I hope things change quickly for you. If baby doesn't come by your next check up hopefully you'll at least be progressed enough for a sweep then. :bighug:

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Shoot!! :bighug:

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Darn, I hope "it" comes out soon. ( I think he)