3D ultrasound pics

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3D ultrasound pics

Our 3D ultrasound was yesterday. It was really neat! We got to see baby's face for the first time! He/She didn't reveal his/her sex either, so that's good. Smile Baby really likes to have his/her hands in their face so it was hard to get a good picture. The hands were shading the face so much. We left with 56 pics on a disk but most are only ok. Here are some favorites!

Meet my sweetie!

Great shot of the hand:

Put up your dukes!

I love the chin line and neck in this one:

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So sweet to see!

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It looks like they turned out well. So cute!

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That first one is great!

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Such a cutie

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Aww, so neat to get to see your little one like that. Glad baby is still a surprise...so exciting! Biggrin

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Great pics! He/she is adorable!

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so cute!!!!

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Super duper cute, Heather!!

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Those are so precious!!

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Love them!!