3D Ultrasounds Pics

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3D Ultrasounds Pics

Got my cd yesterday!

 photo No-_ID_20130325_3D--4D-_VERTEX_0012copy_zps4f58ee53.jpg

 photo No-_ID_20130325_3D--4D-_VERTEX_0004copy_zpsffca2f99.jpg

 photo No-_ID_20130325_3D--4D-_VERTEX_0011copy_zpsc0fe7ce7.jpg

 photo No-_ID_20130325_3D--4D-_VERTEX_0005copy_zpsd929aeb5.jpg

I think he looks a lot like his bigger brother:

 photo ultrasound005_zpsdd013d6e.jpg
DS 1 @31 weeks

 photo KinzieJune2nd_zps1abe6091.jpg
DS the day we left the hospital

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Aweeee! Those are some great pics and WOW does he ever look like your son!!!! SUPER cute!

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Aww, so sweet! I agree, he does look like big brother. Smile

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Very nice pics. Yep, he looks like big brother. Smile

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Great pics. He looks adorable!

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Sooooo cute!

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I love seeing those pictures!!!

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