3rd time around (mc mention)

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3rd time around (mc mention)

So, I have two little boys, ages almost 5 and 3. With the first I had morning sickness pretty early. With the second, morning sickness hit around 8 weeks. With my miscarrage, it never hit, and no symptoms.
I am only just shy of 4 weeks. I have been puking for 6 days. I have been so queezy. I have been needing naps. It seems like I should be further along, but know that I had a neg hpt last Friday. I also had implantation spotting yesterday. Do pregnancy symptoms get worse the more times you have been pregnant? I haven't called my dr yet, but have thought about calling just to get a prescription for nausea meds.

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Wow, that is crazy that the morning sickness is so strong this early... maybe more than one!?!? Anyway, all pregnancies really are different. My last 3 have been worse for morning sickness than my first 2 though. My 4th was my worst. Anyway, congrats, and hopefully there is something you will be able to do to get the nausea under control.

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Welcome to our group!!! I'm glad you joined us! I hope you can get some relief from the m/s. SO not fair. Sad

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hmmm, never heard of that but it's possible. My m/s was worse with #2 and just started today for #3 so can't quite compare yet!

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Congrats to you! This is #3 for me to and it started earlier then the other 2. I'm hoping it just ends sooner!

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#3 was definitely sooner and stronger than the others for me. But I agree, sometimes that's a sign of more than one babe!!

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Thanks ladies, I am wondering about more than one. I didn't have implantation spotting with my last 3 pregnanies, and from what I read, more common in multiples. Anyone have it with a singleton?

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I'm so sorry that you are feeling so sick. I did have implantation bleeding with my last pregnancy, which was just one, but not this time.

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Sorry about the morning sickness, crazy it started so earlier. Hope you get some relief soon. I had spotting with ds but not with implantation, none with this pregnancy so far.

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Congrats and welcome! So sorry for the awful ms.

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Ahh, Susan!!! I'm so happy for you! This is great news!

W/all of my pregnancies, they've been different. With Addison, m/s hit around 8 weeks. With Lauryn, I was sick the entire 9 months, and with Cameron, I had no m/s at all. With this pregnncy, I got sick around 6 weeks and lasted until 14 weeks. I think it's a great (although unfortunate) sign that m/s has hit early. Wishing you nothing but the best hun!!

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Welcome and congrats! My symptoms have been just slightly worse, not hugely. I hope you start feeling better soon.

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Crazy! M/s sucks but you poor thing to be suffering this soon! Keep in mind, your immune system is weak so could you have picked something up? I got a stomach flu bug when I was newly pregnant with #2 and threw up nonstop for a few days, then it stopped. It took two weeks before pregnancy induced nausea kicked in. Just a thought!

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Ugh! Sorry about the m/s. I have had noticeable nausea since 4 DPO...but it has been fairly light, certainly nothing strong enough to make me hurl. It usually only kicks in when I'm hungry and seems a little stronger in the evenings at times but not always.