4 and counting pregnant on my floor

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4 and counting pregnant on my floor

Must have been that time of year, but there are at least 4 girls pregnant at my new job on my floor. (and this is out of maybe 50 people (probably less than that)

One is due in April
I'm early July
a girl on my team is due in September
and I just saw another girl (looks around 7-8 months)

We have only one "parent" room for pumping (which I am thankful for), but I wonder if all of us will pump and how we are going to schedule that one room. Or maybe we'll just having a pumping party, lol!

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Counting myself there are 5 pregnant ladies I know. We are all due within 2 weeks of each other. There is actually a girl due the same day I am, with a boy too! It seems to me that babies come in bunches.

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I feel like when I am pregnant, I see more pregnant people than usual. LOL.

At church there are 12 women who will have babies in 2013. So far 5 have had their already - and of course there may be some in Sept-Dec who we don't know about yet! The mother's lounge is TINY and only has 3 armchairs, so lots of us will have to get used to nursing elsewhere during church!

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Our count is up to 5 that I know of at school! and 3 of us are in the same grade!

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Hopefully you will be able to get the pumping situation figured out if its an issue! I agree with others, babies come in clumps. I know 6 other girls due within a month and a half of me and another three (so far) due in the Fall.

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That is too funny ladies! I guess they do come in clumps Wink

At my old job I was the only pregnant person for a year or so and they haven't had one since (at the office at least)

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Just me here but out of high school friends there are 4 of us due in June lol. Two boys, one girl, and one surprise. I just haven't seen them since high school, besides one I saw once in college...