40w2d Appt Update

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40w2d Appt Update

BORING appt. Pee was good, blood was good. Up 4 lbs so I got a face full of cr@p from my midwife about that. I'm guessing baby measured ok and was in the same spot because she said nothing. HB was 126 or so. It's always low when he/she is asleep.

We TRIED to do a sweep again. Sigh. Sad She couldn't reach again. Said my cervix was back behind baby's head and she couldn't reach around. I try to visualize this but I can't. Anyways, she pushed and prodded a bunch and that wasn't very comfortable at all. Then she said she couldn't reach. Sad So ya, no go. I have had more cramping/tightening since leaving there though so maybe she did something inadvertently?

So the plan now is for me to go back on Monday if nothing has happened. Then we will book a NST for Tuesday afternoon (41w) and an u/s too I guess to see fluid levels. I was low fluid with DD at like 34 weeks so I can just imagine how this is going to go. Sad

She gave me a bunch of reading on 'Guidelines for Past-Dates Pregnancy' so I'll read that...

and it sounds like I have to have s-e-x ... awesome. Sad

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Im so sorry heather, i hope she did do something by happy accident.

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Boo Sad

I'm so sorry Heather! I wish she would stop hounding you about your weight, too. Like....what are you supposed to do at this point? Stop eating????

It may be time for drastic home induction methods!!!

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Ugh! Sorry it was a bummer check-up! :bighug:
Just remember, things really can change overnight. Youre still in the early part of 40 wks so there is time. Smile

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:bigarmhug: So sorry Sad

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Sorry Heather, that's frustrating. Hopefully you'll just be one of those people who goes from nothing to full blown labor in a snap. Sending you lots of labor vibes :vibes: and hoping you get to meet that sweet baby very, very soon! And your midwife needs to lay the eff off about your weight gain. I'm annoyed for you on that one. Blum 3

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So I started timing things after DD went to bed. Contractions seem to be about 40-50 seconds long every 13 minutes (average). Not super great but it's something I guess. Going to go to bed and see what the night brings.

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Boo for the suck appt. But it sounds like it might have done a little something. **fingers crossed**

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I keep typing a reply and losing it! Stupid phone.

I hope things pick up for you. It sounds like something is happening at least! Mine stopped completely again! I think Oliver wants you to go first!