4th of July!

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4th of July!

So, for those of you in the states, did you have a good 4th?

We went to an event where they have bouncy castles, magic shows, face painting, etc. for the kids. There was also a band and a beer garden. The lines were long, but the kids got in a little jumping/sliding, and the weather was great, so standing in line wasn't too big of a deal. The fireworks were really nice. A couple of my girls were a little freaked out at first, but got over it. Aidan LOVED it. Smile Baby girl was as perfect as could be. She slept the whole time other then to wake up for a feeding. There are a couple of our newborns what would have been a disaster at something like this (because they were not good "evening" babies). Oh, and we did the park and ride, and the kids LOVED the bus ride. The whole evening was a lot of fun. Here are a couple pics... all the kids in their red white and blue. My oldest dd made a dress for my 6 year old. Smile

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Sounds like a super fun time! I'm sure the kids loved it! Your oldest DD did a great job on that dress!

July 1st was Canada Day here. We didn't go out on the actual day because of my health, but we snuck out to a BBQ the night before. I had canada day shirts for the kids so I made sure to dress them up!

M's shirt says "100% True Canuck" and has a beaver on it. It was hard to get a pic of his face AND the shirt!

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We spent the day at my in laws and had a cook out then did fireworks. Best finale (sp?) ever. Dd1 was a bit scared and emalyn could care less lol. I'll have to dig up pics ( sil took them )

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Heather, those pics are great! Smile I'm glad you were able to get out for a little bit.

I did help my dd a bit with the straps of the dress (and the stitching is uneven, but you can't tell in the pics, and really, unless you look closely... not bad). Smile

Kia, my 3 and 6 year olds were a little scared, but overall they enjoyed themselves.

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You guys looked awesome! I can't get 3 of them to look patriotic!

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We didn't do much besides have friends over for dinner time

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Adorable pics!!we went to some of DH's family's for their party/get together. DD loved the firworks while both DSs stayed inside as they didn't like the noise. Which was fine by me as I over did it that night. I'm just not healing as fast as I have before from this csection.

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We spent pretty much the whole day out and about. We went to a town about 30 minutes away. They had a car show and things for the kids. Then we went to my grandmother's house for a little while. Then we went to a lake about an hour away and spent time there, and went to a restaurant. We came back home for a couple of hours. Then we got ice cream and watched the fireworks. All three kiddos fell asleep on the way home. We were all exhausted! I took some pics, but I haven't even put them on my computer yet, I will add them later if I remember!

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Here's ema enjoying the fourth outside with the family (in the shade). I guess I forgot to get a pic of dd1s outfit! My bad,