6 week appt question

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6 week appt question

What did your drs do at your follow up appts? I can't remember from my one with DS1.. AF came last week and is STILL here. MY appt is on Friday and I don't think she will be gone by then. If I remember correctly they did an internal? I assume the appt will still be ok while on AF but at the same time I dont like hte idea (which is funny bc the dr helped me pop a baby out....but its just wierd for me) anyone else have the AF problem when they had their appt?

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I had my internal exam at my first midwife appt so I don't need one at the 6 week appt. I'm on an 'every 2 year' schedule so I don't need it yet.

Sorry to hear about AF.

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My doc just did a quick visual check to make sure nothing looked awry, felt for my uterus on the outside, and then did a pap because I was due.

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Mine went exactly like Ashley's. I have never had AF during an OB appointment, but I am sure they have seen it all!

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Same as Ashley. No period here ( 8 months with dd1)

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I cancelled mine last week, don't think I will be making it up either. With DS I had a biopsy because of a positive pap, and annoyingly had AF for that, the doc put in some clotting agent then did the procedure (the clotting agent SUCKED as it burned for the next couple days.) I know they don't want to do a pap while you are bleeding, but if you don't have anything like that due you should be ok, and you can always decline any procedure you don't want.