Aches and Pains

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Aches and Pains

Tell me I'm not alone!! My hips end every day ON FIRE, I can barely walk by the end of the day. It kills to sit, stand and most of the time lie down too. I have been meaning to book a massage, and now I'm more motivated than ever since it's getting worse. Doesn't matter if I do nothing during the day, or lots of things - they just freaking HURT!

Where are you hurting?

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Right now it's my foot, but that's not pregnancy related Wink

My back aches. I carry my babies so far out in front that my back just takes the brunt of the pain. Also, my ribs are starting to ache. Usually I have sore ribs from about 28 weeks until the end.

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My back and my hips kill me most of the time. And my knees are feeling pretty cruddy, but I think it is more weather related than pregnancy.

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My hip started hurting in DECEMBER....that's forever ago! LOL. I was hardly even showing! I started chiro and massage back then and it fixed me up! My hip isn't a problem anymore! Go me! So yes, book a massage!

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I had so much hip pain with the first two that I ended up in physical therapy. So far this time it's been tolerable.

My feet are killing me. Especially the arches. They just throb.

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My aching is due to how I lay in bed and then my ribs. I end up pushing back to get relief from my ribs lol, she will stop for a bit and then move right back. O well. I'm sorry so many are in such pain, I hope it goes away or at least is manageable.

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I have occasionally hip pain from sleeping on my side too long without rotating but so far that's it (knock on wood). I have a funky rib that tends to start bugging me around week 30 so I'm just "waiting" for that.

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my sciatic has been bothering me on my left side for a while i try to sleep with a pillow between my legs and that has helped. my lower back is killing me today.. i dont normally get anything on my ribs