After five years... I'm here for real!

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After five years... I'm here for real!

Hi Everyone! I wanted to stop in and say hello while procrastinating at work.... I was married five years ago and was deseperatly attempting to get pregnant for about three years. I went through IUI, IVF... never had a BFP. I was very active of forums at that time. I decided to leave after I decided it wasn't going to happen for me in my life.

Five years later, a divorce, a cross country move, a last name change a few more boyfriends and about 24 hours ago, I finally had my BFP. I'm absolutely shocked!! I wasn't trying, but I'm not even due for my period till tomorrow. Something just wasn't feeling right! When I saw it was positive, I took the second one and it too was positive. I called the OBGYN and I meet with him on the 30th.

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Congratulations! Sounds like a miracle Smile

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congrats thats awesome!!!

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Wow! This baby sure is wanted and loved! I'm so happy for you! Are you with the baby's dad? Congrats!!!! I've added you to our 'Staying in June' List!

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Congrats HH9M to you!

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Huge congrats!! I can't even imagine how overwhelmed you must feel right now!! HH9M!!

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Congratulations!! So excited for you!

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I think you might be our very first FIRST TIME MOM!!! June is full of 2nd, 3rd and FOURTH (even more!) time moms!

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Congratulations!!! Very exciting!

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Congrats! I look forward to getting to know you. Smile

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Big congratulations!!

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Wow!! Congrats!! Smile

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