Aiden is here!!

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Aiden is here!!

Well induction on friday went well (except longer than what the doctor thought it would take). Showed up st 6am was at a four already and got all hooked up and pit started by seven. Only progressed to a five by four o'clock...turns out he was sunny side up so that was why I was having trouble progressing. Did some flipping side to side and by 5:40 was complete and his head was sideways. Doctor said to go ahead and start pushing as he will probably turn his head down. Sure enough! After three pushes he was out! No tears or anything! Aiden Allen H**** 7lbs 3oz 19inches born at 5:45pm on friday. We got home late last night and are doing pretty good. He is a really good eater and besides sore nipples, breastfeeding is going great!! Here are a couple pics (sorry they are big but I don't know how to resize from my phone). And his face is bruised from trying to come out face up and shoving it into my bone Sad

E loves him, but is watching out cause she just had to change her pj's cause he christened her. She forgave him but doesn't want anymore "disgusting peepee" on her lol

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Congratulations and WELCOME Aiden. What a little cutie!

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So handsome! Congratulations!

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Aww, Congratulations! WTTW Aiden!! He's so sweet Biggrin

Poor big sis, getting peed on already! Well, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before he gets the face! Both of mine did Wink

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Congratulations! He is so sweet looking!

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Congratulations!! Smile Too funny about the pee on big sis! I remember one of mine pooped on my oldest at some point (leaked through the diaper. She was definitely none too happy about that. Wink

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He's adorable! Hooray for a smooth delivery and no tearing!! WTTW little Aiden!

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Congrats he is so cute

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He's so handsome! Congrats!!