Am I alone in that...

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Am I alone in that...

I was never woken up in the hospital, I always went down to get or called the nurses in I the middle of the night. Is that odd, I just couldn't stay away from my baby. She had to be in the nursery bc of her leg, temp, then car seat challenge,

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Hmm..I was woken up at least once in the night. I kept my kids with me in the room, so I would have wanted them with me too.

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Because she was early and the csection I was woken up every 3 hours for her sugar tests and 4 hours for my vitals.

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The hospital I delivered my boys at prefers them to sleep in your room if the baby is cleared to so they never really came in at night except once to make sure I didn't need anything and to see when he'd eaten and peed last (they like to track it). With my daughter though, I had pre-e so they were in every 2-3 hrs to check my blood pressure, draw blood, etc. And they sort of pushed me to have DD taken to the nursery which I didn't know better and was tired from being induced late at night and being in labor until the next afternoon.

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Baby slept in the room with me but they wanted me to wake him every few hours and feed him. The nurse came and got him at midnight to bathe him and give him his hep b shot. When she brought him back, she woke me and took my vitals. And about 6am the lab came in and took my blood, so I did get woken up a few times.

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At our hospital babies room in unless they are sick. I got woken up SO many times last night. "just coming to see if you're ok". "have you peed yet?". "has he eaten recently?". So annoying! I guess they were taking things seriously since I fainted yesterday from blood loss. Ok, I get it. Blum 3 Anyways, I said to hubby that even if Marshall wakes up 3-4 times to nurse tonight it will be less frequent than the visits last night! LOL.