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    I have no idea what my doc would say if I declined the cervical checks - I'm sure he'd just be like...uh, okay? He's a pretty soft spoken older guy. I haven't dilated on my own with the other two (other than starting at "almost a 1" with DS which is said was probably just because he was my 2nd and it never went all the way to 0) so I'm definitely curious if things are changing prior to my EDD this time. I don't really mind cervical checks aside from the awkwardness. The GBS swab I'm not a fan of though...

    If my water bag broke prematurely, I'd take that as a sign because he had a HARD time breaking mine with both other kids using the "crochet hook" looking tool they always use (he said DS was one of the toughest ones he's dealt with and he's been doing this over 30 years...not sure if I should be proud of that?? lol)
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