Another temp dilemma!

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Another temp dilemma!

I need to stop temping multiple times in the night because it's just confusing me too much!

I woke up at 3.30am to Ds screaming from a nightmare,. Sad I then went to the toilet and went back to bed. I was only up for about 1 min as Ds went straight back to sleep. I must have dozed off to sleep but dh woke me up half an hour or so after snoring. Grrrrrr his snoring plays havoc with my temps! Anyway I tooky temp and it was 36.24 - very low for me. Its not an o dip as monitor is still on low and I'm not due it for another week. I then was woken again at 5.30am by dh snoring, then woke up at 7.30 so I took my temp again - 36.45. This is more like my usual Pre o temp.

So which one should I use? My temps have been rocky lately even with consistent times I take it, I'm on clomid can is cause erratic temps?

Thanks all! I'm sure at this stage it's not too much of a problem, but I so want my chart to look pretty Wink

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Hmmmm... There isn't that much difference... I think I would probably split the difference myself....
It's so hard to get accurate temps when you are disturbed.

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I would use the usual time one.

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I think I would use the usual wake time one too. Especially if your waking with DH snoring involved no getting up and pretty much just roll over and back to sleep again.

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I would use the reg wake time temp. Sometimes i get up in the middle of the night bc of one of the boys. As long as i am going to get 3 or more solid hrs of sleep i wait to temp when i get up for the day.

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Thanks ladies! I used the 36.45 one as 5am is when i usually temp, also i was so cold when i woke at the earlier one - maybe thats why it was so low. in the 40's is about my usual pre o temps! Thanks again everyone Smile