anterior placenta question

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anterior placenta question

Mine was the same with DS, but I don't remember at this stage if I felt kicks.

OB said she is head down, so what I feel from her must be mostly arm punches (she's in training for a boxing match I think)

Is it abnormal with this to not feel any kicks yet? I'm thinking yes till she gets bigger and is more in my ribs. (I felt her up in my ribs a few times, but not really kicking)

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I had an anterior placenta with DD but it was on the higher as she got bigger and my belly stretched, I could feel her on the bottom and the one side (where here head was). As for kicks, I don't remember a lot, but then, she was Frank Breech (feet at her face) so how much could she really kick. Also, I'm not super in-tuned with my body, so chances are I missed a lot.

I'm fairly certain my placenta is near the top this time and there is a 'dead zone' where I don't really feel anything. I'm pretty sure stuff is going on under there, I just can't feel it.

In your case the kicks are probably being masked by the placenta. Chances are baby IS kicking...

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i had an anterior placenta last time so this time is completely different for me, i feel her everywhere. but my posterior placenta also contributes to my backaches (along with being in bed). I think i felt more arms last time than anyting, tho at the end i could grab her foot.