Any twins?

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Any twins?

Is anybody on here having twins? I haven't spotted any yet. Usually there are 2 or 3 sets on these type of birth boards!

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Yes, usually, there are at least 1 set of twins! Odd!

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I haven't seen any either! Has anyone not had an u/s yet?

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Maybe someone, not me, has a hiding twin!! Biggrin

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I haven't had an u/s yet. But I'm quite certain there's only one in there. Although while I was pgn with DD we got a u/s to rule out twins since I was measuring 7 weeks ahead at 21 weeks. But I think it was more an excuse since DH really wanted a u/s. I don't think we really thought it was twins since I had been quite small up until then.

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On my last birth board, someone did find out at their 20 week ultrasound that they were having twins, so it might happen. Although, I think you're right Heather - most of us have had an ultrasound at this point.