anyone considering cord blood banking?

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anyone considering cord blood banking?

I looked into it with DS, but didn't do it because of $$. Thinking about it this time and was wondering if anyone has any experience with it?

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We looked into it. It's very expensive! You have to pay to have it extracted, then pay monthly to store it for who knows how long! Even then, it's only good for a handful of illnesses. There are so many it won't help you with. We were on the fence when we heard all that...then we were told that SO often it's collected wrong and ends up being virtually useless. People are finding that out if/when to go to use it apparently. So thousands of dollars and then you can't even use it? Hummmm...

So ya, that's why we didn't do it with DD. The scientist in me LOVES the idea though!

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I love the idea of it but could NEVER afford it. I do believe strongly in delayed cord cutting after birth. I waited 7 min with DD, until the cord stopped pulsing. It just gives them the extra antibodies and iron to help them thrive until they first eat. It also helps later in life to help with iron deficiency and can even prevent lead poisoning. It is especially helpful in premature births.

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We considered it the first time around, but it is so expensive. I also asked my OB about it and he said he wouldn't recommend it. I would figure if anyone would, he might recommend it, because his daughter had leukemia. This time around DH has mentioned wanting to do it, because this will be our last, and he is paranoid that something will happen to one of our kids. But I still am not sold on the idea. I guess we will see.

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My answer is pretty similar to above. It costs too much money to justify as both my OB and the kids' pediatrician say they wouldn't personally invest in it because it only applies to a limited number of diseases and even then isn't a for sure thing. So as much as I like to be prepared, I don't think we will do it this time either.

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I was pretty lucky. We did bank DS's cord blood. (though I need to look into information about it since we moved) Where we were you had the option to donate the cord blood. This was a no brainer for us. DH's brother had cancer at age 18, his cousin had a little girl with cancer at age 7? So our thinking was if we could help another kid why not. The way it works was we bank the blood free of charge. IT's out there that if it is a close match so someone that needs it they get it. If we then need it later, bc we donated we had access to the bank... for the closest match available... if ours had been used already. If ours was still availabel and we needed it then it was there for us. I couldn't justify the price to have it just sit there waitin for something to happen to our child. If someone else's child could benefit then that is what we wanted. I am not sure if htis is an option where we are now... I guess I should start looking into it.

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We also had the option with the last two to donate it and that is what we did. Much cheaper (free) and since it has more chances of helping someone that way, it just made sense.

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I did it with DD and got a major discount a professional courtesy as an RN. I chose to do it cause in my profession I have seen children get chord blood from a sibling. It doesn't always work but neither does a bone marrow transplant. But because of what I have seen, I like to be prepared for the worst. Even if its just a Hail Mary. Sometimes I can be a bit paranoid because of my job. But oh well, it is what it is. Wih that said. We didn't get it done with DS cause we couldn't afford it at the time. We definitely will be doing it again with this one, since it is our last. Then all the kids should be covered just in case.

Although I would definitely research it like patience said. That sounds fantastic if you have that opportunity! Good luck with your decision!