Anyone else?

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Anyone else?

Is anyone else still morning sickness-y? I think I have thrown up more recently than in the beginning. Not so much all day nausea, but just periodic and random vomits.

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Im still having morning sickness. i tried going without my zofran and regret that.

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I feel like a would rather have nausea so that way I could at least tell if I am feeling like I may vomit before I start eating something.

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Yes, but it has improved.

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I'm pretty good all day.. but I do find first thing in the morning I've been having some issues. Then I eat and it clears up pretty quick. Still having trouble with the exhaustion, but that's getting better too.

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So sorry you girls are still suffering :bigarmhug: Hope you are able to find relief soon!!

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I still have it. *sigh*

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I'm all done here. But I understand how you girls feel. I was sick the whole 9 months with DD.

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I am so lucky that I do not suffer too badly from morning sickness. I feel nauseous but do not throw up.

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I let my tummy get empty this morning and thought I was going to puke. Some salty popcorn is fixing me right up! LOL

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I'm still on Zofran 3x a day. I am still in bed most of the day feeling terrible. I expect some relief around 20-22 weeks. Sigh.