Is anyone else still getting sick???

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Is anyone else still getting sick???

This is getting so old. I'm so over it!!! Anyone else still suffering?

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Your so not alone. Was talking to my husband about it last night. I thought by now it would have gone away. Truly a different experience from first pregnancy. Are you taking anything?

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I hope you feel better soon!

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I'm still there. I tried not taking a zofran and it backfired and now I have to up it occasionally

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being feeling good. i do occasionally get a sour stomach but not really sick.. i hope you feel better my dear

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You poor ladies! Sad I'm so sorry to hear you're still feeling sick.

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I still toss my cookies once or twice a week, but get nauseous on a near daily basis.

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*raises hand* ME!!! I'm still sick EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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Sometimes in the morning when I first wake up I still get sick. Most days I wake up nauseous. I eat and it usually goes away pretty fast. But then I go back to sleep and wake up nauseous again! And then I eat breakfast and I'm good the rest of the day as long as I eat enough.. if I get too hungry I feel nauseous.

With DD I was sick every day for 9 months! So this is a huge improvement.

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I'm sorry, ladies! That is miserable and unfair...hoping for calm stomachs soon for ALL OF YOU!

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It's good to hear its not just me but I am also really really sorry that so many of you are suffering, too. It's no fun and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. This is definitely not as bad as my first (at 37 weeks they discovered underlying medical issues that were making my sickness so extreme). But I think my second was a little better than this.

I am taking Zofran before bed but that's it. If. Take it more than once a day, that lovely side effect constipation shows up!

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I've been there before. I was sick the whole time with DD. it sucks! Sorry to hear so many of you are still sick!

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I'm vomiting once or twice a week still, but overall doing better.

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:bighug: yikes girls sooooooo sorry you are all still sick!!

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I am so sorry that yall are still feeling sick. That is sooo not fun. :bigarmhug: