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Overall went very well! I heard the hb on the Doppler for the first time. Such a gorgeous sound. Smile We discussed future appointments, when we will do the the anatomy scan, diabetes screen, etc. Only downside is he already wanted to talk induction because we barely made it to the hospital with Malia. I love my OB, but would so prefer a midwife. DH, however, is entirely against it. His dad is an OB and he is a tad brainwashed. Oh well, I just know I have a battle in the future. He said he wants to induce at 39 weeks, so maybe I'll go in my own before that. (A girl can hope, right?)

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Yay for a good appt and for hearing the HB! My midwife won't even try with a doppler until 12 weeks! (I can find it sooner though Blum 3 )

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Glad that all looks well!

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GL getting your wishes with the midwife. I adore my OB and no reason to switch, but one of my best friends has a midwife that she's had great experience with after a cold experience at an OB's office during a MC (not that it can't happen with either!). Glad you got to hear the little heartbeat...that's the best!!

"Heatherbella" wrote:

My midwife won't even try with a doppler until 12 weeks! (I can find it sooner though Blum 3 )

Neither will my OB. He says it often takes forever to find before then and causes unnecessary stress.

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:woohoo: hearing the heartbeat is the best sound!!

Sorry about the induction talk! Honestly, just because you had a lightning fast labor with your dd, doesn't mean you will this time. My second dd's labor was only 2 hours, but #3, #4, and #5 all got progressively longer - 4 hours, 6 hours, and 8 hours. Of course, we all hear stories of those 45 minute labors too!! Anyway, ultimately you are the patient and they cannot make you do anything you don't want to!!

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I guess I have mixed feelings, I was induced with my first two and the labors were much more challenging, but I had both babies an hour after my water broke. With Malia I refused induction (unless medically necessary or we got to 42 weeks) and the whole thing was so fast. I wasn't sure I was really in labor an hour before she got here, but it was much less painful except for the part where she came out, lol. The Dr did say if I'm dilated a 2-3 he could just beak my water and go from there or if I'm not dilated just use pitocin until he breaks my water. I think the pitocin/fast labor was just too much and that's why I was in so much pain. Since dh is a chauffeur it would be hard for him to get here fast and I do in home childcare so having a sudden, fast labor could potentially be very bad! But the contractions were sooo much easier last time. I guess I have a while to figure it out, lol.

Oh and on finding the hb, he also did my pap today and after he did an internal and pushed on my abdomen and then was like, "Ok, it should be right here," and he was exactly right. I was fairly impressed, lol.

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yay for the heartbeat! Im sorry they were already talking induction. Just say NO! Smile hopefully they will listen to you or you go into labor on your own sooner.

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same here my midwife wont try until 12 weeks with the doppler, i found it at home at 9w4d with my doppler so it is possible

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Sounds like a great appointment. Awesome that he found the heart beat!!

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Glad it was good news. Bummer on induction talk before you even get out of the first tri...I just don't get this mentality but I'm just into a more natural approach and only intervening when necessary. I can certainly understand the mental pressure the what ifs can cause too so I totally get your consideration of the offer. You are right though, you have time and Laurie is right don't have to do it just because doc is pushing for it. Wink

ETA: Just wanted to clarify that I'm not anti induction all around. I know there are situations where it's needed and I also fully support a ladies right to choose given it is reasonably safe.