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My appointment was super long today but very thorough. They checked my weight and blood pressure weight down blood pressure a little up. I peed in a cup and then visited the Dr in her office to chat about my medical history and any questions. Then she said I would need a PAP and a surprise ultrasound! The baby looked great and we got to do an external ultrasound. She told me that my specialist will be doing the anatomy scan and we should find out the sex the day after Christmas! Then i had to do blood work because of my recent surgery and bad liver. So it ended up 2 hrs total! Best part is i got to go out to eat with DH after, kinda an impromptu date!

here's our baby!

O and she told me that i definitely popped since she saw me... here's my 12 week pic for verification.

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you look great and the appointment sounds like it went lovely... yay for an ultrasound pic

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Sounds like it was an awesome appointment, even though it was long. But, you got to see baby! Yay!!! Its awesome that you and hubby got a little date too! Double bonus on your day out off the couch! Wink

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Wow, sounds like a positive experience. I love seeing the u/s pic too. It's always so nice to see our wee ones!!! Yay for a date too! Smile

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Glad you ended up getting a date!! Smile It sounds like the appointment went well. I can't believe you get to find out what you are having so soon already. I guess we really are getting to that point though, aren't we. Your belly looks so perfectly round - perfect!

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What a great appointment!

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So sweet!

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So glad to hear it went well today and a nice day all around. Smile

I'm glad you were able to get a mini break from bed rest.