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I knew there was a reason I schedule my appointments as far apart as possible. They seem rather useless at this stage. We finished doing my personal history today (boring since I have none). Blood pressure. Heartbeat. No questions. Out the door. They don't even check my weight (because I'm not under/over weight), and doing a protein/glucose test of the urine is if I do it myself in the bathroom. Next time I go in I won't even have a history to go through, so it will be really short. Too bad it's such a far drive. On the bright side, DD loved playing with the toys in the waiting room with my mom. And I got my requisition for my u/s which I don't really want to do, but I promised DH I would since it means a lot to him.

It did almost seem as though they sometimes wanted me to say I had a history of something - as if to make my chart more interesting. More so the student than the midwife. The midwife said right at the beginning "I bet I can fill this out on my own".

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Well, boring appointments are good appointments, right?!?


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Boring appointments are what we want!