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Got the 3 hour test out of the way! Now to wait on the results, possibly on Monday. I was up 2 pounds from 2 weeks ago, up 19 pounds total. BP was good, I am suddenly measuring 1.5 weeks ahead now. Scheduled my 3D U/S for Monday, so that is exciting, I hope baby cooperates, because we pay for this one out of our pockets!

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Good luck, hope the results are good from your test today. Yay for a 3d u/s coming fun!

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I hope the baby co-operates! We had Cracker Barrel right before our 3D and baby was moving like crazy!

Hope you pass the 3 hour! Yikes for even having to do it! Sad

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Glad everything looks good and your 3 hr test is behind you. I hope the results come back quick and good. Yay for your u/s Monday!

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