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BP was 104/70. Lost 1 pound bringing my grand total weight gain to 38. Baby's HR was in the 130's. I'm measuring 35 (normal for me). I told her about my bloody show, so she said she would check me if I wanted. I'm about a 3-4, and still a bit thick. She went ahead and stripped my membranes. I don't think it "took" though. Normally I will go into labor within just a few hours if it works, but it's already been about 7 hours... Anyway, I have had some cramping and a few contractions, and it's suppose to "be good" for 24-48 hours, so we'll see. Anyway, I have a feeling this baby will be more like 38 weeks. Ah, the waiting game... Smile

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Nice! I think 38 weeks is about perfect. It's a good deal if you can get it anyway! Wink

Glad it was a basic check-up with no surprises. Smile

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I agree - I think 38+ is good, and you said all your others came around 38-39, so I guess you can't expect this one to be too much different. (I only say that since you've had enough to establish a trend.) Hang in there, we're all getting antsy I promise!

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Oh yes, the waiting game. So many of us are there right now, but hey at least we're baking some big, healthy June Cuddlebugs Wink

Sounds like a great appointment overall!

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I'm glad it was a good appointment and wow I envy that dilation. Come n cuddle bugs, whose next?

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Sounds like good overall! I envy the dilation. I've never been more than 1-2 cm before active labour started.

Waiting indeed!

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Glad to hear your appointment went well!