Appointment and GD test today

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Appointment and GD test today

Well, I have my 28 week appointment today. I do have to end up taking the GD test. Last time they let me opt out, but since they are still a relatively new birth center (only been open for 2 years) they are having some tougher regulations imposed on them to keep accreditation. They have to be able to rule out that I do not have GD. My midwife did give me the option of "simply" tracking everything I ate over the course of a week and checking my blood sugar levels 3 times a day though... um, thanks, but I think I'll just take the 1 hour test!! Blum 3

They will also check my blood for RH sensitivity (I'm RH -), and other then that I'm hoping for an uneventful appointment.

Also, all my girls have a dentist appointment this morning - the older two first, followed by the younger two... I'm not entirely sure that was a good idea to schedule them all at once. This will be the first appointment for my younger two, and it's been awhile for my older ones. I'm really hoping none of them freak out on me. Now that I think of the logistics of all of this - keeping baby boy entertained while making sure my girls are relaxed, um, I hope my blood pressure is not through the roof when I get to my appointment afterward! I figured since we were in town anyway (we have to drive an hour to get to the city for my appointment), we might as well make good use of the trip and go to the dentist...

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Good luck at your appointment. I didn't know it was a test for RH sensitivity, I thought you automatically had it if you are RH-. My mom was. I'll being thinking about you.

How do the girls do at the dentist? We have our first appointment in a month and I'm a little nervous on how he is going to do. I keep building it up so it something fun and exciting.

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The fact that I'm RH- doesn't change, BUT since I've had previous pregnancies, they have to test if somehow I got "sensitized" in the past from an RH + baby (in other words, the rhogam shot didn't do it's job). If I'm "sensitized", then they have to treat the pregnancy differently then simply giving me another rhogam shot.

My older two girls have always done really well at the dentist, so I "think" things will be okay today.

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Good luck at both appointments. I hope they go smoothly for you!

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Wow, the 1 hour test does sound a lot easier than the other option! LOL. Funny!

Your dentist appts sound exhausting! You really are super mom! I was supposed to take DD to the dentist one of the days we weren't home from holidays because of our flu. I had to re-reschedule and now it's MAY! Ugh. 2 months waiting?!?! Anyways, I hope it goes well. I have been putting it off because I'm worried about how she'll do. Dental care is really important to me though so I feel badly for having not taken her yet!

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That's quite a day. I hope all goes well!