The Appointment From Hell

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The Appointment From Hell

Yes. From hell. I think I need an extra large DQ blizzard to make myself feel better.

My appt was at 10:30 am. I showed up at 10:25 with 2 kids in tow - 5 year old Ella and 17 month old Emerson. I am used to waiting for quite a while at the OB, sometimes about an hour until you actually see the Dr. But today was just dreadful.

First of all, the waiting room was SO full. Pet Peeve: why do people bring SO many people with them to prenatal appointments??? I understand if you have to bring your children with you, or if you want your husband or your mother or something to be there. But honestly? There was one woman there who brought two friends with her. Just like...girlfriends. To a routine OB appt. Another woman had her husband, her teenage daughter, and the daughters' boyfriend. What the crap? There is limited seating in there and these people take up chairs when it is completely unnecessary for them to be there. Ugh. First rant over.

So I pee in my cup, take it back to the nurse. Sit and wait and try and keep my kids well behaved and quiet. Really, they were super good today, considering Emerson was exhausted. I only brought 1 snack, a granola bar each for them, and they were eaten within the first 5 minutes. After about 45 minutes (11:15) I got called back to do my weight and blood pressure with the nurse. (Gained even MORE weight. Like, 6 lbs in a week.) Then it's back out to the waiting room until the Dr and an exam room are free.

12:10, and we are still waiting. The waiting room is packed. My kids are starving and Emerson is in desperate need of a nap. Not only that, my DD starts Kindergarten at 12:30 and her school is 25 minutes away. Yeah.....going to be late.

Get called back to a room. Told that we'd have to do GBS swab today because I won't see him again until 37 weeks. But he is with a patient who needs multiple sutures removed, so go ahead and wait 5-10 minutes before I take off my pants and get under the paper sheet. At this point I can feel myself losing it, emotionally. My kids are grumpy (understandably) and my hormones are getting the better of me. I'm on the verge of tears because I am so fed up with waiting.

Then the OB pops in and I am not changed yet because I didn't want to chase a toddler wearing a paper sheet. He says he'll come right back and leaves so I can change. I sit on the exam table and try to keep Emerson from accessing medical records on the computer at the desk. Half naked.

10 minutes later, the nurse comes in and informs me that the OB has been called over to the hospital (it's across the street). I completely lose it and start bawling and say "That's OK, I'm pretty much DONE here." She was so super nice and took my kids to get some crackers and apple slices from the snack room while I got dressed again. She said he should only be 20 minutes at the hospital and she could make sure he saw me right when he got back. I changed and wiped off my ugly bawling face as best I could LOL. We ate apples and crackers until he got back 15 minutes later. Then I changed into my paper sheet again and we waited for him to come in the room. It's 12:45 when he comes in. Over 2 hours later than my appt.

I'm measuring 36 weeks, he did the GBS swab, and baby's HR is good. Then he looks at my U/S results from Monday. I now need to have a fetal echocardiogram because the latest U/S showed a possible heart defect (coarctation of the aorta). It was not detected on my 20 week ultrasound. So now I have to go for a detailed U/S of baby's heart to see if the defect is really there. It is a narrowing of part of the aorta that restricts blood flow and causes high blood pressure. It usually requires surgery soon after birth depending on the severity of the restriction. There are no known causes and is extremely rare.

Finally at 1:00 pm we are on our way home. I decided to let DD skip school because I am just pooped and Emerson needs to nap so bad, not shuttle Ella around to school and back.

So we get home at 1:30 and now I am just grumpy about everything. Thanks for listening to my rant/novel!

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I'm so sorry, Sandra! That sounds awful Sad My BP always goes up when I have to wait a long amount of time. I wanted to cry at my last OB appointment bc they just made me feel so stressed out!

I hope that the u/s shows everything is fine for baby though.. I'll keep you in my t&p!!

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O. M. G.

I would have been so utterly pissed off if I were you. What a gong show! It's bad enough taking 2 kids to such an appt but then having be there for 2.5 hours? That's just utterly ridiculous. Talk about poor service. Sounds like that doctor is overbooking himself!

I don't blame you for crying. I probably would have too. *hugs*

Sorry to hear about baby's possible heart issues. I hope it's just a mistake and everything is fine. Have they booked your detailed u/s yet?

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Sandra :bigarmhug:

That just sounds miserable!
Do you have the echo scheduled yet? I will be praying that everything is fine with the baby and it was nothing to be worried about at all.

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He sent the referral for the echo to the hospital. They will call me with an appt time/date, hopefully today.

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I'm sorry u had a hard appointment. I really pray the I/s shows nothing wrng with your little man. :hug:

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oh sweetie, I am so sorry. Wish I had been available to take the kidlets today for you.

At my OB's office they kick out the men and extra people from the seats, the seats are for pregnant women. People would jump so fast to give a pregnant woman a seat, especially one with kids with her. And the nurse checked your weight etc in the exam room...I also had my OB wait outside the door for me to drop my pants...

When you find out about the echo let me know and hopefully I will be able to come to your house to at least look after Em for you (and the other two if needed).


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I am so sorry. That is awful! My 6 week pp check with Lucas was very much like that. I ended up leaving and never rescheduled. Ugh. That stuff just sucks.

I hope everything goes well with the u/s. I had the in depth heart u/s with this one because my tech was training for it. If nothing else, it's very interesting. And hopefully that's all it will be, interesting.

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I would've started crying long before you did.

Crossing my fingers that when they look into the heart issue that it was just a fluke! :vibes: But if it IS what they think, at least they caught it now and not after the birth when he was having issues, right? My doc doesn't do another u/s after the 20 week one so if they missed something at mine, we won't know until he's born. Anyway...that is way too long to wait. I'm sorry you had such a horrible appointment, seriously! And WTH is with people bringing all those randoms with them to their appointments??! I don't even bring DH.

At least you had an excuse for DQ.

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Now I want DQ.

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That's ridiculous. Sorry it was so horrible. I think I would have left and told them to get me a time when I can be actually seen. I don't have patience for stuff like that. I think the longest I waited with my old doc was 1/2 an hour. And now at my midwife maybe 15 minutes or so (but they have toys and stuff for DD, and sometimes I will show up early so she has time to play). Hope everything is okay with the baby and there was just a little scratch on the u/s screen or something.

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I am sorry you had such a suck appt. I would have left a lot sooner and a lot louder, I hate it when they overbook knowingly.

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Ugh, I'm sorry it was so miserable today. Hope they don't do that to you again! KUP on the heart stuff...I hope it's really nothing once they get a better look. :bighug:

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This story really helps me appreciate my midwife. Sucks when doctor's offices do that.

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Yep, I'm pretty sure I would have cried too. I remember all those HOURS of waiting in the past too - back when I went to the hospital with my first 4 pregnancies. Thankfully I have a birth center option now (and absolutely NO waiting other then maybe 5 minutes max). I would go crazy waiting with 5 kids for 2 hours!!! As for the heart issue - It is definitely a good thing if they catch it now and not after birth. Heart defects are the #1 defect in babies, and they can do a lot to help. It is so much better for the baby if they know about it before they are born. ANyway, I still hope it's nothing, but if it is, at least they know about it.

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OMG! You poor thing! :comfort::bighug: I don't know how you held it together as long as you did!