Appointment Today...

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Appointment Today...

...was a complete waste of time. I walked in, and had to see a new dr because mine is away. The Dr asked how I was feeling, asked how many pregnancies I've had, and if my delivery with my son was normal. I giggled and said ", he was delivered via emerg c-section at 31 weeks, I have a unicornuate uterus and am considered high risk, so eventually I'll need a referal to a high risk OB". He sat back in his chair and said "oh, in that case, I'll schedule an ultrasound, but I can't touch you. I'll see what I can do about setting up an appointment with a High Risk OB, and let you know." My ultrasound is in 3 weeks, and I have to go back and see my regular doctor in 2 weeks. I'm on a cancellation list for my US hoping to get in sooner, but besides that, it was a total waste of time.

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Aweeee, sorry you feel like it was a waste of time! It sounds to me like it was a step in the right direction though! Glad to see they're getting you in touch with someone who is better suited for your specific issues. *hugs*

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I think I just expected more. Maybe play with the doppler, and just the typical first appointment stuff. Oh well, hopefully I'll get a referal quick.

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Ya, for sure. My midwife won't pull out the doppler until at LEAST 12 weeks.

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Awe, that is a bummer! Hope you get a referral quickly!

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Sorry you have to wait another few weeks for your u/s, what a bummer! Sad Hopefully someone will cancel and your date will get bumped up!!

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What a bummer! I would have been bummed too. I know you just want to know that baby is ok in there. Hopefully you will get to sneak in sooner!

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That really sucks! Hopefully they will have a cancellation soon.

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"Heatherbella" wrote:

Ya, for sure. My midwife won't pull out the doppler until at LEAST 12 weeks.

My Dr. is the same way, my next appointment, I'll be 12 weeks (yay!).

Sorry that it was a waste of time, those first couple of appointments always seem that way.

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Sorry you have to wait for your u/s. Hopefully it comes quickly for you.

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im sorry it was a waste of time. on the plus side you are closer to getting the help you need Smile

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I'm sorry you were disappointed. I hope your next appt. is better.