Appointment today

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Appointment today

After telling them last time that I wanted to see my midwife at my next appointment, there was not a student in sight today! So I spent some time with my midwife and started to go over a few things about the homebirth - what kinds of training and supplies they have available in case of emergencies etc.

Baby is head down - which I guessed from where I felt hiccups. Considering I usually have no idea what's what, I was pretty happy about that. Was able to hear the hb on the fetus scope, and I also could tell it was faster than last time. So I seemed pretty on top of things today! Heartbeat was around 150. Baby was wiggling all over the place, and I'm measuring exactly on track.

I'm pushing my next appt til 34 weeks since the other option was less than 2 weeks which just seemed too soon.

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Sounds like a wonderful appt! I'm so glad to hear baby is head down and YAY for getting to see your actual midwife! That's so awesome! Whenever we've had students we've also had our actual midwife too...but it's different here.

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Yay for a good appointment.

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That's great! So glad you had a good appointment Smile

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Woohoo for a head down baby and that's great that you got to meet with your actual midwife this time!